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This section of our website aims to become a repository of historical information and records about the School.

The Annals of City of Norwich School first published in the Jubilee Edition of the School Magazine in 1960, a compilation of extracts from the first fifty years of the School Magazine, 1910 - 1960. (Complete document - 100K)

Miscellaneous Archives by year:

1910, 1911,
1925: whole school photograph;
1960 whole school photograph;
1968 1969
1970: whole school photograph;
1985: full staff photograph;

Sports Day 1913
Sports Day 1913
List of CNS Staff 1910-1946

Staff Group Photographs 1910 - 1946

Staff Photograph 1985 (120K)

The Old School House: The School House building was demolished in the late 1960s. The painting was done from an original photo donated by Nick Butcher’s father. The painting was by Tom Griffiths.

Submissions: If you have pictures or textual materials you think should be included in the Electronic Archives; please forward
If you can scan in pictures and OCR text, and send by email to the time saving will be much appreciated.